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An everyday reminder…



A jewelry brand that I feel for last fall was Pandora. I didn’t know much about the brand before and what they stood for. They have a close connection to there costumers that I love. Last year they released there first essence collection with beautiful charm beads. I got my first bracelet last fall with the charms health, joy & wisdom. They work like an everyday reminder of what is important in life for me. This is the perfect gift for someone you hold dear and maybe for the upcoming mother’s day!

So how are you guys? How was your weekend? I’ve been working out some stuff at home with my husband now we finally have a couch to sit on in the living room and a dish washer in the kitchen. What a relief in my life. The next project is Franks bedroom the poor thing still sleeps in his baby crib. I haven’t been able to decide witch bed he should have but now I have some options for him to choose from.


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