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Cat eye



When my husband and son got home friday from work and daycare they brought me this nice gift. I had been eyeing on this pair of sunnies last time we where at the grandpa store. I love that my husband knows what I like. A pair of cat eye sunnies is something that I really been missing in my sunnies collection and this pair is just perfect. Thanks love <3

You can get them here.

for fall


Not that I’m longing for fall but this coat is on my mind for the coming season. It’s from H&M Studio aw 14. The weather is so bad here in stockholm so I can’t even remember how summer actually feels like hehe. But I heard that in time for my vacay the weather will be back on track. Until then I’m planing on what to get from the pre fall collections for my fall wardrobe.



This is what I wore the other day. Love these loose longer shorts from Stylein i lyocell.Super comfortable with both shorts and heels. Available on sale here. I’ve been sick the past week that’s why the update been bad, but now it’s a new week with new strenght. 1 week left until the summer vacation…

shorts from stylein, poloshirt from zara, sneakers from adidas, and bag  from chanel.


IMG_1483_Fotor_Fotor_Collage IMG_1480_Fotor IMG_1483_Fotor_Fotor_Collage2 IMG_1499_Fotor   Yesterday when I went to the opening of the restaurant Mister French I wore this. I really love the masculine minimal look right now and I’m really into black and white now or maybe always hehe… Today I’m at home from work cause I woke up this morning and couldn’t speak,  I lost my voice. My toroth is so sour and my head hurts. It’s only one and a half week left and then I have four weeks of vacation and I cant wait for it to start.

Fair fucking sex!



A month a go I went to this lecture about trafficking and left there feeling so sad and but still very hopeful for the future. I can’t believe that so many innocent women and children are slaves under prostitution. Help me spread the word and awareness. You can help by buying this cool t shirt that I’m wearing in the pics and by signing the petition against trafficking and for fair sex. THIS HAS TO STOP AND TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE IT! 

Buy a t-shirt here

Sign the petition here

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