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So right now you can feel spring coming closer and closer so I decided to write a little guide to Paris. I love Paris in the spring time and I wish I could go there soon. So if I would go there for a weekend these are the places i would like to visit.


Paris is known for it’s exquisite fashion range. You will find all the french brands like celine, chanel, louis vuitton & Isabel Marant and of coure many more. I also love the big department store Lafayette they always have themed and inspiring storefronts. I could make a very long list of shopping but this is a very small selection.

Chanel 31, rue Cambon

The Chanel store is one of my absolute favorite to visit when in Paris it’s truly a classic.

A.P.C. 38, rue Madame

For all the classic pieces you need in your wardrobe you should defenetly go to APC. They have great quality and always pieces like the classic striped sweater, the tennis shoes and the classic trench coat. Very parisienne!

Colette 213, rue Saint-Honoré

The coolest store in Paris with the latest fashion trends and brands and with a big range of the latest technology gadgets. It’s very expensive but you can always have a look.

Isabel Marant 47, rue de Saintonge

I have never been inside the Isabel Marant shop actually, but I just love here fashion and all the luxe street boheme garments.



Clearly Paris is one of the most beautiful city’s in the world. So if you are done with the shopping there are lots of places to see and visit. I love to just walk around or just sit and relax in the Jardin de Tulerie. It’s a big garden  with fountains and beautiful satues. Truly a place to clear your mind and get inspiration. If you love art you have to go to musee de louvre and see al the classics. Something that you literally can’t miss is the eiffel tower I like to look at it from a far because there are so many tourist  and pepole trying to sell you stuff right oustide the tower and if you want the view there are so many other places to go.


Hotels, Bars & Clubs!

There are so many good hotels in Paris it all goes down to how much money you want to spend. I could make a long list of clubs and bars but my absolute favourite bar is la perle in the marais. You can have the classic steak avec frites and a good bottle of wine for a very good price. Of course you always see the cool hip and trendy parisiennes in this bar during night time. If I want to continue the partying after closing hours le baron is a favorite spot. A small and dark night club where they always play the classics from the 80’s that you can dans and sing along to. And if you are lucky Kate Moss might stop by.


I hope you liked my small Paris guide, there are so many excellent places to visit and lots of stuff to taste, see and feel when in Paris. To fly from Stockholm to Paris is only 2 h so it is the perfect weekend escape


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